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Schüco Jansen čelični sistemi vrata, Čelična vrata Steel


The new series of Janisol Arte door represents a new standard in thermal insulation. Thanks to the development of an innovative system, which aims to optimum thermal insulation and ease of processing, fulfilling the desires of the designers aesthetically attractive solutions in accordance with the statutory requirements for designs that save energy. Use Janisol Arte can be made extremely stable steel windows and doors with an extremely narrow visible profile widths, which are characterized by high thermal insulation.

Jansen is an excellent choice for all needs, aesthetically beautiful windows, doors and other structures made of steel profiles which, with its strength, resistance to mechanical loads and fire resistance, they open up endless possibilities, size and aesthetic elements.


The main door systems - technical information

Janisol Arte

Janisol Arte
Janisol Arte

Thermal protective steel doors Janisol Arte Series systems are ideal for visual Bauhaus, style with elegance narrow cell profile.

  • Very narrow profile width of 25 mm and 40 mm for narrow construction of building solutions with the greatest possible use of glass.
  • Internal and external - opening windows and doors are offered as possible solutions.
  • Security certificate TRAV
  • New - sliding door system


Janisol podizno-klizna čelična vrata
Janisol podizno-klizna čelična vrata

Despite the relatively shallow depth of 80 mm profile 85 mm, with the new measures Janisol steel door system to 4,270 mm wide and 3,210 mm in height can be installed as a lift-sliding doors. In the standard offer door leaves weighing up to 400 kg are possible; as a separate system with a secondary drive, weighing up to 600 kg are also possible. The basic triple depth allows the thermal insulation of up to 57 mm thick. Delivers excellent Uw values up to 0.9 W / (m²K). For optimum thermal insulation, the profile is created and fiberglass-reinforced PVC U.

  • The basic depth of only 80mm.
  • Extremely low system: frame 113.5 mm, 95 mm steel frame.
  • Double and triple glazing thickness up to 57 mm.
  • Uv 0.9 W / m2K (with a 0.7 V / m2K glass)
  • Maximum leaf width 4270 mm, maximum height 3210 mm.
  • Leaf weight up to 400 kg (special solution to 600 kg).
  • Single or double systems with or without side parts.
  • CE tested in accordance with EN 14351-1.

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Forester Fuego čelični sistemi vrata, Čelična vrata Steel


Forster Fuego has been tested and approved, as a very extensive and complete profile system with fittings and accessories for the integration of single and double doors resistant to fire as well as fire resistant glazed walls.

Attribute of the system is sleek and slim profiles that provide great transparency.

Forster Fuego Light

Basic system of the doors- technical information


Forester Fuego čelična vrata
Forester Fuego čelična vrata
Forester Fuego čelična vrata
Forester Fuego čelična vrata

Forster Fuego Light steel profile system is resistant to fire, bullets, smoke and burglary. Approved for fire resistance up to - / 30/30 for the sliding door, - / 60/60 for single, double, and sliding doors, - / 90 / 90 for single and double doors, and - / 120/120 for the fixed windows, extremely cost-effective system solutions with aesthetically pleasing.

Available in a stainless steel alloy, Fuego Light gives very narrow visible profile and is suitable for large glazed surfaces. Can be treated with paint or powder coating technique. Profiles of stainless steel are available up to 60 minutes fire endurance - 304 class, but can also be painted or plastic.

Complete range of Fuego Light systems includes a wide range of products (hinges, locks, latches, door seals, wreaths, etc.) to ensure complete integration and easy installation. This system also integrates seamlessly with Forster Thermfix Vario fire wall glazing system.

  • Fire-resistant door: - / 30/30 - / 60/30, and - / 90/90 in the combination with the requirements of the smoke.
  • Fire resistance: - / 30 / - - / 60/30 - / 60/60 - / 90/90 - / 120/120.
  • Fire-resistant sliding doors: - / 30/30.
  • Installing sheet metal-door - / 30/30.
  • Burglar resistance RC 1-3 according to EN 1627-1630.
  • Maximum security-invisible protection system

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