Continuous improvement of quality management, whereby the buyer occupies the center of all business moves and decisions.

Testeral d.o.o.

value system Testeral

The strategic objective of the company Testeral is to ensuring uniform quality of our products.


Continuous improvement of quality management, whereby the buyer occupies the center of all business moves and decisions.



The vision of company Testeral.o.o. is to contribute to the development of new systems of aluminum and glass facades, to impose new-higher standards of quality, functionality and design of aluminum and glass facades that are a step ahead others. Using the new environmentally friendly materials in accordance with the latest European regulations, guidelines and standards, resulting in substantial energy savings, preservation of the environment and improving the living conditions of future generations. The market before us sets high standards in terms of price, quality and terms of production and delivery. Thanks to the modern production and assembly line for the production of aluminum and glass facades, we are able to at any time to meet those high standards to the satisfaction of us and our customers. Commitment to sustainable development is a fundamental determinant of the business policy of Testeral.

Being among the leading producers of aluminum products in the south eastern European area, with a developed logistics network.


Our mission has always been to meet the highest expectations
Satisfied customers and high quality of our products are the result of carefully selected raw materials of the best quality, superior design, production of which is in accordance with the highest standards prescribed by the restrictive quality, as well as help to the customer before and after sales and R & D to create products. Culture of projects, ability to listen, innovative proposals. These are qualities that allow us to realize every request and desire of our customers throug unique products.
Besides the usual benefits we provide to our customers They have at their disposal our consulting services, help from our engineers and architects.

reliable choice

All employees of the company Testerald.o.o. are familiar with the quality policy to which we strive, and the results are visible and measurable commitment during the execution of their tasks and our products of the highest quality. A strategy and a policy that we have subjugated to achieve these goals, to the current and future customers we want to assure them that we are a reliable partner.

For the whole world

Besides the domestic market, Tester-AL has representative offices in Malmö, Paris and Lugano, and there are plans to open new representative offices in capital cities in Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, Netherlands

Constant improvements

Projecting with the aim of energy efficiency of projected buildings the sustainable use of natural resources and the use of non-harmful substances during construction.
. Raising awareness and communication between investors, contractors, employees and other interested parties of the importance of sustainable development, which we achieve by using the latest equipment and systems for the protection of employees, local communities and the environment, as well as the consistent application of the standards EN ISO 14001: 2004 and BS OHSAS 18001: 2007.

quality policy

Long-term goals for the quality policy of the company Testeral are:
Fully satisfied customer with our services,
Developing cooperation, establishing partnerships with suppliers in order to achieve customer requirements,
Motivating employees and constant care of their further professional training in order to improve the quality of the production process,
Continuous improvement of the quality management system,
Contribution to protecting the environment, health and safety at work.