Facade glazing - is a modern solution for buildings to stand out against the background of other city buildings, it gives a solidity and unique appearance. Glass facade allows designers and architects to realize a unique concepts, forms, and to surprise with variety of approaches of buildings design. Façades are the central unit in the planning and design of building envelopes. Here, Schüco offers a variety of systems, which allow even the most innovative façade concepts to be realized supremely well architecturally: from window façades with a perfect appearance to impressive structural glazing and high-tech synergy façades.

  • Complete profile systems in aluminium and steel
  • All façade types, including twin wall façades
  • Almost all skylight geometries
  • Window units in all opening types
  • Passive and active solar shading systems
  • Innovative façade management technology
  • State of the art protection against fire and smoke
  • Façade constructions in all resistance classes



SCHÜCO FW 50+, FW 60+ FW50+SG, FW60+SG SkyLine S65
Širina profila 50 mm 50 mm 65 mm
Toplotna izolacija po,
DIN EN ISO 10077-2
Uf = 1,1
Uf = 1,6
Uf = 1,68
Maksimalna težina stakla 400 kg 400 kg 300 kg
Otpor protiv provalnika
DIN V ENV 1627 to 1630
Otporno na vatreno oružije FB4

SCHÜCO FW50+ / FW60+

SCHÜCO FW50+ / FW60+ – are main facade systems, proven in numerous installations around the world. They allow you to create impressive facades and skylights of a variety of forms, including geometrically complex like arcades, glass domes, pyramids and cylindrical vaults. The tried and tested multi-system good in practice Schuco FW 50+ and FW 60+ can be used to create impressive vertical facades and skylights - particularly with large module widths and installation heights, and facetted inwards or outwards.

Schuco FW 50+ SG and FW 60+ SG

The Schuco FW 50+ SG and FW 60+ SG structural glazing systems can be used to construct visually impressive allglass facades. By using profiles that are only visible on the room side, a flush facade appearance with fine lines of shadow joints can be achieved, producing convincing architecture for both large and small construction projects. An additional plus point is the extensive combination options of inner and outer glass of different thickness. The system can be used for facades of all sizes.

Schüco SkyLine C 65

The unitized facade Schüco SkyLine C 65 combines efficiency, functionality and good design for use in projects. The flexible combination of tried-and-tested system components facilitates a wide design freedom with easy tailoring to project-specific requirements. System can be used for rapid assembly of the elements of big height. Facade ellements can be assembled in factory conditions, including glazing, and then simply installed at object, that significantly reduces installation time and simplifies the engineering.



Face profile width 50 mm 50 mm
Thermal insulation per,
DIN EN ISO 10077-2
Uf = 1,1-2,2 W/m²K Uf = 2,4 W/m²K
Maximum weight of the glass 120KG-400 kg 400 kg
Burglar resistance DIN V ENV 1627 to 1630 WK3 WK3
Bullet-resistance FB4 FB4



WICTEC 50 solutions are used to create large vertical façades: grid, vertical and horizontal emphasis, structural sealant glazing, beaded glazing, aluminium/wood plant-on systems, unitised façades, high energy-performance façades, high-security façades, and roof glazing, prisms, domes and pyramids. With its patented design, the WICTEC range offers the option of flat or facetted construction. The vertical façade is mullion drained, and the roof cascade-drained, to remove water to the exterior. A wide choice of cap profiles and transoms can be used to customise façades.With three levels of drainage, complex constructions integrating vertical façades and roof glazing are possible.



WICTEC 50FP zaštite od požara fasade u G30 i F30 klase: bez obzira na to da li su stepeništa, lokali, hodnici ili glazirani krovovi, sa WICTEP FP sve vrste fasada i arhitektonskih koncepata može se prilagoditi potrebnim uslovima zaštite. FP dizajn je zasnovan na WICTEC 50 standardnih fasada, što znači da rešenja za zaštitu od požara mogu biti integrisani u standardne rešenja na aharmoniousan i funkcionalan način. WICSTYLE vrata vrata u verziji za zaštitu od požara su idealni dodatak na ove fasade, a dostupni su u opsegu klasa otpornosti na vatru. WICONA W90 zaštita od požara ograde je pogodan za sprečavanje požara u probijanju sa standardnim fasadama.