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Thanks to the constant monitoring of global trends, specialization of employees and technological-productive capacities, the company is able to offer complete solutions for its customers. With more than 20 years of experience and continuous improvement of business and manufacturing systems, the company has become synonymous with quality, innovation and creativity. The production facility is equipped with the new CNC machines and computer processing center from renowned German companies (Urban iElumatec) with very high production capacity. With constant investment in production equipment the company Tester-al has become listed among the largest producers and exporters of aluminium and PVC joinery in the territory of Serbia.

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Testeral PVC Prozori, PVC Vrata


Windows make a significant contribution to the style and appearance of your house. They are not only decorative element, have a decisive impact on the quality of life within your own four walls.

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Testeral Vrata


Your entrance door is key to the overall impression of your home. The right combination of door frame, infill panel and handle is essential to a well-balanced visual impression.

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Tesateral fasade


Glass facade - is a modern solution for buildings that gives strength and unique look. The glass facade allows designers and architects to achieve unique design.

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